OM-D is Thom Hogans serious cam of year

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Re: OM-D is Thom Hogans serious cam of year

Fredrik Glckner wrote:

The G1 was largely ignored.

Then came the Olympus E-P1. Compared with the G1, it had a poor feature set. No built in flash, no tiltable LCD, no EVF. But it did have a nostalgic retro look, with some decorative metal panels.

The E-P1 was a great hit.

Now, I am seeing the same again with the Olympus OM-D. I think it is the retro look and metal styling that causes it to be very popular.

The kind of retro styling was certainly liked by some, but some other issues were at play back then IIRC. I think one of the criticisms of the G1 was that it looked like a mini SLR. I think at the time people wanted something different.

The E-P1 was released with the 17mm Pancake and a collapsing zoom making the package a lot smaller than the G1. It wasn't until several months later that Panasonic released the GF1 with the 20mm pancake. I think if Panasonic had released the GF1 first things might have tipped the other way at the beginning, but by that point Oly has stolen the thunder.

I still have two GF1s myself, one converted to IR. I prefered Oly at the time since I was shooting their SLRs, but that GF1 package was impossible to pass up.

Panasonic has done a lot to catch up, like their tiny 14-42X lens. It's not too popular on the forum, but it was one of the reasons Thom picked the GF5 as his other mirror camera of the year. That lens basically stays on my IR camera and I love it.

A lot of people still try to dismiss Apple's success by saying it's all due to marketing and ignore the real advantages that Apple does have. Some people here do the same this with Oly, and especially with the E-M5. The camera has some real advantages compared to other mirrorless cameras , even their own Pen line. Sure, they don't matter to some users, just as the better video or easy access to bracketing in Panasonic's models don't matter to others.

The small size and great build quality certainly attracted a lot of users. I think the larger size of the GH3 and more DSLR-like controls will certainly attract users that didn't like the E-M5. What I find amazing about m43s is that we have cameras from the GF5 or EPM2 that an fit in coat pocket. We the best stabilization system available, live bulb in the E-M5. We have some of the best video available in the GH2 and GH3. Small cameras and amazing lenses allow some to get amazing photos at concerts that you'd never get an SLR into with quality similar to the high end models. Big models with SLR like controls, small models designed for users who just stay in auto. All these cameras use the same lenses and flashes. We are blessed to have such variety in a single system.

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