Which is better??

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Re: Which is better??

G6u7a1m wrote:

Thanks I wanted to give HDR a try. When you said the colors were wrong please explain. I know I didn't touch the saturation adjustment slider, all I did was create layers and adjust the exposure values. The two HDR images were created using 5 duplicate images evenly exposed. Trying to learn about Post Processing so wondering how the middle image's colors could be wrong.

Thanks again


In the first photo the sky and water have a very natural color.  In the HDR shots, it is artificial looking, the kind of color you get in a cheaply printed book.  Also the grass and background trees have an unnatural rust color.

I applaud you for experimenting with HDR processing because there are times when it will produce a much improved image, but in this case you first image was a very nice shot and really doesn't need much if any processing.

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