LR4 settings for importing RAW NEX-6 files

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Re: LR4 settings for importing RAW NEX-6 files

xpistos wrote:

Dear All

I am not entirely liking what I see when I import RAW NEX-6 files into LR4. I sometimes see noise even in ISO 400. The difference is especially obvious to me when I see some files from the Nikon D700. Yes, I know it is not a fair comparison, but surely I am doing something not quite right when I see ISO 3200 files from the Nikon look similar, noise-wise, to ISO 400 files from the Sony, even when I use the same import settings (usually just sharpen for faces)?

Can anyone share what sort of settings they use when they import NEX-6 RAW files into LR4?

Thank you


Yep me too, I was a bit disappointed with some of my RAW shots and blamed the camera before I realised it was the lack of processing.  If anyone could share any good generic LR4 presets to apply to all shots, I'd find them really useful.

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