NEX 6 + 16-50mm lens + 55-210mm lens for $998 at Amazon.

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Re: Just Body + 16-50. Bundle with both lenses now $1246

So here are the details of what happened for anyone that may be thinking of giving it a try:

Yesterday, after I received the initial shipping notification, I emailed Amazon via the Contact Us button on and asked for confirmation that both lenses were included in the shipment.  I received a response via email that was obviously from a first-line support person without the remotest clue what I was asking.  The email suggested I contact Sony with my query.  Duh.  This was apparently the same first-line support dept. that told me and others in chat that the original deal was valid.  The email included two links; one to indicate that the problem was solved and one to indicate it wasn't solved.  Obviously I clicked the second link because my question was not answered.  The link opened a web page that asked three (3) questions about how satisfied I was.  I gave the lowest rating to all three questions.  Another web page opened up and asked me if I would give Amazon one more chance to satisfy me and, if so, provide my phone nbr. which I did.  The phone rang immediately and the person that came on the line on the line was obviously from second-line support and stated the previous responses I got were wrong.  Then she offered to refund me the full cost of the 55-210 lens ($358+tax) and the ability to purchase that lens for that price with free 2-day shipping, which I did while she was on the line monitoring the transaction.  When the new order went through I wasn't charged the tax ($28) that was refunded so the actual cost of the lens was about $330.

This morning I received the shipping notice on the 55-210.

I think the key to satisfaction is getting past the useless first-line custiomer service folks.

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