Would you buy a "Canikon" branded camera?

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Re: Would you buy a "Canikon" branded camera?

fmian wrote:

Airless wrote:

Suppose Canon and Nikon had a merger, or they collaborated to develop a micro 4/3 system to directly compete with Panolympus. I know I would buy any "Panolympus" branded camera but considering the harshly negative stigma associated with "Canikon" would you still buy a camera with that name emblazoned on it?

Canon and Nikon have a well established 'system' surrounding their cameras that has been around for 30 years. That's why Dslrs from these 2 companies are still outselling mirrorless cameras.

Only a fool would buy into a new system that has no backing or support. You need to get it out of your head that its the camera body that is all important.

Harshly negative stigma? Don't know what you are talking about.

Personally I think NEX and M43 are just toys in comparison to what Canon and Nikon have on offer with their Dslrs.


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