American guns a problem for Canada

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Re: Hollyrude helps keep it going

Mentor_1 wrote:

dradam wrote:

Mentor_1 wrote:

Isn't American violence wonderful, they even make movies about it in their beloved Hollyrude

Look what it says, "This is brutal, brilliant film-making" oooohhh yah gotta love this stuff to death

Have you even seen the film? Cannot a piece of art be excellent even if it's subject matter is brutal or violent?


teach your children dude, to follow in your violent footsteps, I be tit makes you feel good to know they can grow up to be as violent as the rest, and armed to the teeth of course.

So you are saying that nothing that has anything to do with violence can have artistic merit?  What a fascinatingly close minded view from someone on a photography forum.

As for THIS movie (which you clearly picked solely on its name), it is actually a depiction of the desperate extremes of capitalism in America that uses short bursts of graphic violence to drive home its point.  It doesn't romanticise or praise violence.  Is it a brilliant film?  No.  But that's not because it is violent.

Moreover, if you are so concerned with "teaching your children" and show them only some imaginary world of rainbows and puppy dogs, you should consider leading by example and toning down the vitriolic anger you spew around here.  I can't imagine that you don't exhibit some of that in your own personal life.

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