Which would you choose, S70 or A540?

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Re: Which would you choose, S70 or A540?

Jamesbeat wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Jamesbeat wrote:

Any smaller cameras that I have missed?

Your experiment or project seems overly contrived. Try using your phone instead.

How is wanting to have a small, inexpensive and pocketable camera with manual contols overly contrived?

And how would using my phone help me to learn about manual controls, exposure compensation etc?

Becaues you use an SLR, that's why.  You said you want to find this old manual control P&S to learn the basics again, or something, which seems really silly since  you have an SLR camera that is the best way to learn all the settings of photography since aperture control in a P&S most times does not affect the image recorded aside from getting a longer exposure if that's what you are going after.  Plus going into Manual mode too much can make you miss shots because you were fiddling with camera settings.

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