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Re: More Legacy Lens Talk!

I am afraid that you won't get much relevant informations here. Most users will tell you that their lenses are the best, not considering possible sample variations, or not having enough experience with a comparable lenses.

I.e. Marla2008 wrote - that from 50mm worst are Hexanons, while in my tests, Hexanons were one of the best, and Minolta Rokkor MD and MC, rather weak performers.

Of course, I also have usually only one sample of tested lens, so I could be wrong like the others.

One of the 50mm lenses with very good reputation among users is Canon FDn 50 f1.4, which was used as a reference lens for the sharpness by Canon itself. I agree with this reputation regarding sharpness, but I don't like its bokeh much.

In the wide angle range, it is much harder to find a good deal. I would suggest Sigma 19 f2.8 DX EN, because for 150 USD you will not find better performer in the legacy world, at comparable focal lengths.

Even wider legacy lenses, are extremely expensive, such as Canon FD 14 f2.8 L i.e. If you need to go wider, consider either Samyang 14 f2.8 in any mount, or if the size matter, take a look at some Hellars - 12 or 15...

Zoom lenses are usually much better today, than they were in the past. There are few good legacy ones (I like my Leica 35-70 f4), but they are rather expensive, heavy and with a smaller range than modern ones.

Your best bet would be to look at the photo sites, flickr, google+, etc. for the images taken with lenses that interests you. There are also few better suited forums and review sites for the legacy lenses than Dpreview.

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