Pentax K-30 A (with articulating screen)

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Re: The case against.

wll wrote:

You have no idea of what you are talking.

In studio work it make like soooo much easier.

like 3 'o's easier?

In low shots it means you don't have to get your face in the mud. In high architecture shots it allows you go see the angle you want without you lying on your back. These are just a few !

I could go on and on. Unless you have used an articulating screen, you have NO IDEA how beneficial it truly is.

Do go on - all you have said is summarised as 'low down is a little bit easier' you have not yet said 'here is a shot that is utterly impossible on a non-articulating camera'.

I have a camera with an articulated screen (GH2) - I use it very not often - I *like* to twist and move to get a feel for the shot. I could stand there like a passive banana, twist the screen and shoot, but I like interaction with the subject.

Remember if you don't want to use it, you don't have to, but it is an option !

A false statement - if he doesn't want to use it he'll still have to pay for it, either by buying a non weather sealed body which he doesn't want or paying more for it to be weather sealed.


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