Tiger with the XZ-1

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Re: Tiger with the XZ-1

Hi Ben,

here is the original of the tiger photo, wife & I went to Taronga Zoo in the morning and the tiger was behind some not so clean glass , and all around loud noisy crowds of people. I used the focus  tracking mode to keep the pacing tiger in focus

Snapseed for editing & B&W conversion the best 20 bucks you will ever spend

In B&W you can apply various color filters to enhance detail etc.

Snapseed  can process ORF files so detail is maintained better than JPEG .

It works fast on my older travel notebook a 14" i3 Fujitsu notebook with only 4GB of ram & onboard video.

The XZ-1 cannot match the Leica but for the cost of the Leica and some glass you could travel the world with an XZ-1 and get some great images

BTW I leave the snapseed prefix on all the JPEG posts so folks can see what has been edited.

Opera House Sydney

above is a HDR type image with Snapseed I have only just started playing with this , there is a lot of room for improvement.

Last night I heard the Australian philharmonic in concert , the accoustics are superb!



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