7D packaged deal - Too good to be true?

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Re: Agree with Karl...

Mark B. wrote:

I agree with everything Karl said. The kit lenses, while not Canon's best, are decent for consumer-grade zooms. The 55-250mm is one of the best bang-for-the-buck zooms out there.

The other extras aren't worth the cost to have them shipped in the kit.

these sort of bundles are common to Ebay - (mostly) NY shops take a camera or camcorder and bundle a lot of shovelware type items that look good, but cost them virtually nothing and allow them to present a full package to attract buyers.

Often they're not terrible deals, even if you toss all of the extra.  I got a camcorder deal 8 or 9 years ago.  Just a bit wasteful when you think of the garbage eventually sent to the landfill.

The sales on the 7d by itself, or with one of the kit lenses has been drifting down to 1100s, and the 55-250 often can be gotten as cheaply as $150, so nearly 1600 is a bit high, particularly when you factor in the difficulty in sending it all back for a return (if even permitted).  This could be another indication that the replacement to the 7d is finally coming, or just post Christmas sales.

And if you want to use the 8fps shooting speed, you should get a better CF card, not whatever random one is included in the package.

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