7D Back button focus?

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Re: 7D Back button focus?

Keith Z Leonard wrote:

The biggest advantage I found for separating the AF and shutter release is for situations where the focus doesn't need to change for a series of shots, you AF once, then just shoot. This means I don't have to hit the 'MF' switch on the lens. There are a lot of instances where this is the case, sometimes you want to take a shot when a certain point in space is reached, sometimes the lighting isn't great and AF can be slow, so you don't want to AF repeatedly for the same result, that sort of thing.

One situation I had was when I tried to photograph a blue tit against a blue sky shortly after leaving a bird box. I knew which way the bird tended to fly, I didn't want the shot to be with the bird box in the background and there was no time to refocus after the bird left the box. So I focussed on the box, recomposed into the space against the sky, waited for the bird to poke its head out of the box and then ran the shutter until the bird had gone.

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