Amateur learning to use my new D800, please take a look - Warning: Baby Photos!

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Re: Amateur learning to use my new D800, please take a look - Warning: Baby Photos!

Doug0001 wrote:

Thank you all for the comments. The lighting was just natural light coming in from a large glass sliding door into our living room and it was overcast outside. Her face may be slightly over exposed or it might be my initial efforts at using Lightroom 4 as well. I had not calibrated my monitor when I developed the images and now I just calibrated it (Apple Thunderbolt Cinema Display) and I found that the monitor was out of calibration and too dark. I will take a shot at redeveloping them now that the monitor is calibrated.

I see what people are saying about the chair legs. To be honest I didn't plan this at all, it was just Christmas morning and we wanted some snap shots. Next time I will be careful what is in the background. I tried to use a large aperture to minimize the background but I could have done something different. I just didn't want to be looking down on her.

It is also much easier to take pleasing photos when your subject is so adorable.

Hopefully you will get on some sort of time schedule calibrating your monitor.  I had the same experience with my Apple monitor being out of calibration.

You are also correct that you subject is very adorable.

I am wondering if you feel her eyes are in focus in every image you posted?

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