6d - 5d III price difference

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Re: 6d - 5d III price difference

zane1 wrote:

Have you considered the price difference between these cameras based on their shutter durability? Does it make any sense to say that one is rated for 100k the other is rated for 150k, so in the long run buying the 1.5 times more expensive 5d III costs roughly the same?! Plus you have better AF, higher resolution, a better body etc.?!

You bring up a valid point.  Right now the 5dm3 is selling for $2700-$2900 to the $2000 price of the 6D.  If you use the 1.35 times larger price (ie $2700) then it changes things significantly.

In 6 months time when the 6D is likely to be discounted then it is back to the 1.5 times price differential.  For me the extra $700 for the mark3 was a no-brainer. I hear prices of $400 for a shutter replacement. There are other durability issues besides the shutter.  When it comes time to sell your camera will the 5D retain more of its value?  I believe so....

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