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Re: More Legacy Lens Talk!

Maybe getting a legacy 50mm cheap would help you decide if you want to shell out for the SEL 50/1.8 later.

The Canon FD and FL are cheap, plentiful, the adapter is pretty short, and optically they're just brilliant. Not the prettiest or nicest to hold, but totally excellent as far as IQ goes. If you want something nicer but a bit pricier, the Minolta Rokkor MC 50/1.4 is a superb lens, as is the Pentax PK 55/1.8. You wan't go worng with any of those options. I've tested at least a dozen 50's, and the weakest were the Hexanon (Konica AR mount) but lots of people love them, so there is personal preference involved obviously.

Just be aware than, as good as focus peaking is (and it's great, since I find the NEX AF lame that's all I use on mine), it might not be super well suited for real time, travel shots. I'd stick to the 18-55 for vacationing for example.

I did have the SEL 50/1.8, and it's a superb lens, but it went back because I've learned to focus faster manually with my legacy lenses, and nothing beats the pleasure of using them.

NEX 7 and PK 55/1.8 wide open

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