Goodby imaginary D400?

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Nikon lacks cross sensors in each side...:(

Kerry Pierce wrote:

jonrobertp wrote:

Sure...but because we know cross sensors are better than the rest. And, because Nikon has them all bunched in the middle.

Ever look at the cross sensor array in a 7D ? It's different .

Like you, I'd welcome an AF module that had all cross sensors, or at least more of them, out in the outer regions. I don't understand why that wouldn't be useful to pros or anyone that actually uses the outer AF points.

But, Nikon has not offered any camera with an AF module like that. I don't expect them to change that anytime soon either. Indeed, you are one of the few people that I've even see mention the desire for more cross points.

Seems like a lot of folks don't really care about how well the stuff works, so long as they have a sensor with lots of MPs. That's all that they want. It doesn't seem to matter if the noise performance and FPS goes back to the d70 days or worse.


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Kerry...I just checked the cross sensors on Canon's 5D3...and indeed, there are cross sensors off to each side....sigh...sooooo  would like that in my next cam.

I will really have a tough decision to make in the next 6 mo...go with what Nikon offers, or sell lenses and go with the better AF that Canon offers.

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