High ISO performance is nothing without low light autofocus performance

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Re: To answer your questions:

primeshooter wrote:

thanks jim, really appreciate your input. I will read the link too. I am half worried that I have a faulty d800, but the other half I just think no, too many folk saying the same thing. Many users do not shoot wide open a lot and have poor technique. Shot after shot of putting that af box where I want focus, and finding on image review it's miles out is frustrating. D700 hit rate with wide open primes was higher than 95 % for me. D800...if I put a figure on it I'll cry lol.

Hmmmm. I forgot you had a D700/primes. IOW, you've some experience with what you're trying to do.

Well...not that I recommend skipping the sensor mapping, but: any chance of locating another D800/user in your area and doing a side-by-side? If you in fact have a faulty camera or a problem, no sense in mapping sensors if you're just going to return it. Wait until you at least have your final body. So that might be my next suggestion.

The internet can lead you astray, if for no other reason than you hear so many complaints and so few of the "I"m perfectly happy with camera" people. But if you could have a second one side-by-side, you may reach some conclusions faster. Camera stores have a tendency to not want you racking up shutter counts, so finding another owner would be the most ideal situation. It's hard to conduct identical "random" tests, but if something is truly wrong with your body, even some casual side-by-side shooting may reveal that.

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