Why NEX-6?

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Re: Why NEX-6?

My main reason for getting a NEX-6 was acquiring a camera that could be an all-in-one tool that works like a DSLR (and offers equal image quality), shoots decent-quality video, and is compact enough to serve as a travel/walk-around kind of camera.

I already have a Canon T2i and a couple of lenses that I'm going to be selling because I'm tiring of lugging around that much weight, and feeling like I essentially have to prepare to go on a safari if I just want to go out and shoot some pictures. By comparison, the NEX-6 with its 16-50mm pancake lens lets me just stick it in a pocket and go, with no sacrifice in image quality. In that respect, the NEX-6 reminds me of nothing so much as a traditional 35mm rangefinder.

I love the fast, easy handing of the camera; the EVF is great, especially so because I wear glasses. The focus assist function (when the camera is set to MF mode) is great too, because my aging eyes don't do quite the job of manually focusing a lens that they once did.

Although I really, really wish that Sony hadn't pulled the boneheaded manoeuvre of removing the MIC-in jack that is present on the NEX-7 in an attempt to force people to buy the very expensive XLR mic and box that's designed to mate with Sony's (proprietary, as usual) connector on the hotshoe.

Unless and until a third party comes up with an audio-in solution that is affordable and works well (won't be holding my breath on this one), I'll just use an outboard digital audio recorder and sync the audio in post-production.

On the other hand, I don't have a problem with the NEX-6's reputedly slow AF, because 99% of my picture-taking exploits don't involve fast-moving subjects. Although I must confess that I was momentarily tempted to get Sony's A57 instead because I found its AF system to be lightning quick.

I believe that MILCs like the NEX-6 are the way of the future, and that DSLRs will eventually be relegated to niche markets like sports photography. To my way of thinking, optical viewfinders in DSLRs now strike me as a superfluous holdover from the 35mm film era, although I know a lot of people still like optical viewfinders. Take that for what it is: my two cents' worth.

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