Workflow suggestions?

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Re: Workflow suggestions?

I have recently started using Corel Aftershot Pro. One of the neat features is that it cannot over write a file, so all the "edits" are non-destructive. It just has settings you can change, and it remembers which settings go with which files (jpg or raw).

Suppose you shoot /only/ RAW. Suppose you go on vacation and come back with photos. I might have 300 to bring back. Someone else might have 900. Whatever. You're not going to use the vast majority of them for anything. So you sort through them. In Aftershot Pro or Lightroom or other managment software, you can rate them with stars or whatever. Then you end up with a handful that are your keepers. What do you do with them? If you put them on facebook, then you need jpgs. If you print them you don't need jpgs. I print from photoshop, so I do whatever additional editing I want and save photoshop files. If you print at CVS then you can print tiffs.
The point is, you only need to translate to some other format if you have some particular purpose in mind.

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