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yumyum wrote:

I been looking at moving over from my GH2 to the A65, The camera feels nice in my hands, it is not that much bigger then the GH2. it has an EVF and most of all focus peaking, so the A65 is ticking all the boxes, but for one thing, and that this i can not find a lens mount adapter for the Voigtlander glass i have which are on the Leica M.

I can get a mount adapter to mount them on the NEX but i just can not find anyone selling a mount adapter for Leica M to fit on the Sony A, does any one know of anyone selling them? This is the only thing which is stopping me from buying the A65.

Many Thanks

Short answer: there are none because people don't want them. Not that the quality of the Voigtländer ant the Leica lenses aren't good enough, but because you cannot make such an adapter without a image quality degrading lens/lenses. Your GH2, and most mirrorless cameras have a shorter flange to sensor distance than most older mounts, making it possible to use a glassless adapter without quality loss. The closest thing to a A65 you can get with your existing Voigtländers is a NEX-7 with a Leica M to E-mount adapter.

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