5D3 - Few Vintage Airplane Shots - From CR2 To JPEG

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Re: 5D3 - Few Vintage Airplane Shots - From CR2 To JPEG

Techblast wrote:

Biplane is slightly cropped to limit the amount of blue sky. CR2 Raw Shots below are hand held and converted to JPEG using Lightroom V.4. Absolutely no post processing other than the slight crop of the biplane. JPEGS were created at setting "10" using ProPhoto. Camera set at ISO800 +1/2 over exposure to help boost shadows, f/11, 1/1500sec, 200mm (70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM).

For illustration purposes I should have used sRGB. I use ProPhoto for printing as it has a wide color gamut compared to sRGB. I do notice a rather large color shift on my monitor between FireFox (cooler) and Explorer V9 (warmer). I have Apple Cinema LED Displays. I'll try 1/4000 or 1/8000 on next shots with lower f stops to see how much motion can be eliminated from the prop. So far, I really like the results from the 5D3.

You can read the inscription on the Engine Cowling! Shot at 140mm ISO800 1/1500 f8

i think you spend too much time on the technical side of your photos and you forgot the very basics; both photos are over exposed and when you shoot props you have to lower your shutter speed. So both for the delete folder I am afraid unless you can rescue them with the software...

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