Christmas Pics for C&C

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Re: Too bad about the watermark

apaflo wrote:

kgbruce01 wrote:

Number 1 - blown foreheads, squinty eyes, cut off feet, boring centered composition, too much dodge n burn.

The foreheads are not blown. I'll grant the eyes squinting and the cut off feet aren't great. Boring centered composition is often just exactly what one wants for a group picture that is intended to be documentary, and designed to go into the family album rather than being sold to a museum as an example of Fine Art.

Number 2 - Dark, horror movie lighting, Cut off Santa, cut off present, dark, dark, dark, and weird, cheesy wire tree and window frame drawing eye away from too tightly cropped subject.

An excellent image. It might be the best of the bunch! Everything you complain about is a plus, so one wonders why anyone would say it the way you have...

Number 3 - So much blown background - why would the eye even try to find the subject (centered in the frame)?

Another one that is not bad at all. Incidentally, the background is not blown. You probably should measure the values on images before making claims about exposure. From your comments, it appears you are using a monitor with a bit too much contrast and judging exposure from what you see on the monitor. That never works well, even with an excellent monitor that is properly calibrated.

Number 4 - More super squinty eyes (easy fix for that), overly blown background pulling the eye away from the subject (again).

Same as above.

Number 5 - a hot mess - no real subject, tons of conflicting highlights so the eye cant settle anywhere, use of super wide without a good subject to exploit, bent, disappearing (ugly) tree and warped walls with tons of distracting light and shadow areas with no main subjest - cool snapshot to remember the disco tree by.

Guess you missed the intent of the image entirely. Too bad, because there is a really interesting bit of visual effect being presented.

The watermark is still the first, most obvious offender blocking any real view of your pics. And I just download one, removed the watermark, and reposted it on FB - it took 2 minutes.

Who cares about the watermark!

Good luck with your obvious sensitivities.

He doesn't seem to have as many as someone else here... but lets leave the personal stuff out of this.

Thanks for taking time to comment.

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