Few Panorama from Iceland

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Re: Delightful!

kaffina wrote:

CaptureF22. I got a new display name ( had some, to long to explain trouble with my Lorange account ( password trouble ) So now I´m Kaffina :-).

Thanks for kind words. Here a little about the 4th photo.

The 4th photo there I actually took it about 1 year ago at 31st of january. I used if I remember correctly a old Nikon 28mm lens along with nikon D3x and some neutral density filter on the lens to get longer exposure time. Its one of my favorite place, not so far from home ( about 30 min drive ).

The 8th photo is taken at same place just few days ago with a fuji X-E1 camera I recently bought and am now testing out.

This time of year its very short daylight here in Iceland but it makes for often a very beautiful sky.

I will make a new threat with few of my favorite photos from that same place.

Merry Xmas

kaffina, thanks for the additional information. I haven't worked at all with ND filters so I appreciate seeing situations in which others are using them. Your images are tremendous; thanks so much for sharing them with us!

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