Time Machine: how to restore to a brand new HD (not the original drive)?

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Re: Time Machine: how to restore to a brand new HD (not the original drive)?

I just reread my thread and noticed that maybe I was not informative enough, so let me try again:

I am backing up my two external drives using Time Machine on my Imac 10.7.5.
Now I need to restore backups of my my 2 external USB harddrives (each one has 1TB) onto a brand new 3TB USB drive.  Of course, the backup sits on its own external USB HD, which is in use only by Time Machine
I cannot just copy from the original drives, because some files have been accidentally deleted in the past few months. I need to do a full restore of backups made 6 months ago. Do not feel like spending hours trying to figure out which files are missing. It seems easier just to do a full restore from the backups.
Is there an option in the restore process that allows you to restore to a different drive than the original drive and to merge the contents of 2 backed up drives onto a larger new one?
Also: how long does it take to restore 1TB of data? Is it hours or days perhaps?
I would like to know this before i even start.
Thanks in advance for any info.

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