Is this guy right?

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Re: Is this guy right?

Felixography wrote:

Does digital have a long way to go to catch up with film? People say the D800 is like having a medium format. So who is right?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

A few years ago Pop Photo ran a comparison between the Canon 1DSM3 (the highest resolution digital camera at the time) and 35mm B&W copy film. The Canon resolved about 2700 LPM vs 3000 LPM for the B&W film in their test. I think a D800 would easily out resolve 35mm film but not medium format film HOWEVER there is so much more to a print than resolution...grain,color, micro contrast etc. Most people when they look at a print notice grain (noise) and color before resolution of fine detail. I personally would much prefer an 8x10 from a 6 megapixel D70 file than from any 35mm film. I would never go back to film. As for medium format, I get about the same quality 11x14 prints (to my eye) from 12-18 megapixels as I did from 120 film so I think a D800 would easily surpass medium format film for print quality if not absolute resolution.

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