Very cheap and good takumar..

Started Dec 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
ulfie Veteran Member • Posts: 3,299
Don't attempt cleaning lenses yourself.

Opening up and cleaning the lenses yourself is not advised.  Lens elements and parts have very fine tolerances.  If you put a lens element (or more) back in and it's off center in any direction even less than a millimeter the image quality will be affected.  You may also warp or damage any shims (spacers) and springs used inside.  Also the focusing helicoids need to be cleaned and relubricated with proper cleaning agents and oils (or greases), something lay people probably don't have.  Last the lens focus needs to be recalibrated (usually at infinity) on a special optical machine.  You cannot do this yourself.   Last, cleaning the lens surfaces requires the correct solutions and cloths (or papers), otherwise you could remove some of the anti-reflective coatings and possibly scratch the lens surfaces.

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