X-Pro 1 Rugged-Weather Proof?

Started Dec 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
miniTO Regular Member • Posts: 239
Re: X-Pro 1 Rugged-Weather Proof?

I have no problems backpacking or portaging with the X-Pro 1 its as rugged as my Canon kit is and I treat them about the same. Its more important to know how to handle and care for cameras in the field then to ensure there weather sealed IMO. Even a 1 series can fail if you handle it incorrectly.

One thing to keep in mind that people seem to forget is if the specific len(s) you want are not weather sealed the body being weather sealed is a mute point...

That is the one reason I never cared if for example if the OMD was sealed. The lenses I would want to use (12,45) were not so they are the weakest point.

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