If Sigma had a mirrorless camera (CSC) ... pros/cons

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Re: If Sigma had a mirrorless camera (CSC) ... pros/cons

If Sigma were to do an interchangeable lens compact system camera, they would at least have to bring it up to Fuji X-series standards.  It would have to be compact, shoot HD movies, have image stabilization (lens or in-body), produce incredible JPEGs out of camera, EVF (preferably for me personally).

With all that said, they would need a new lens mount specification unless they leveraged their involvement with the Micro FourThirds standard as it's the only non-proprietary compact mount system they could implement without getting sued.

It would mean a new sensor as the current Merrill's power consumption is rough enough for the DP Merrills.  HD video recording (without the massive rolling-shutter effects of the current DP Merrills) would probably also require some major tweaks to how the sensor is constructed. (conjecture, of course.)

The major cons would be that there are definite costs involved in making a system that's flexible.  It seems one of the reasons the current DP Merrill cameras produce such great images along with being (relatively) cheap is because they can marry the lens so closely with the sensor.  Having to build a sensor box that can withstand and support a removable lens would add to the complexity and cost of the system.

Honestly, before an interchangeable system, Sigma should come out with an 85mm equivalent DP and perhaps one with a zoom lens with HD recording to appeal to the mass market before going down the interchangeable road.  Starting an interchangeable system is hard.  I can only imagine Fuji is having a hard time of it having such a limited lens lineup for the X-series.


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