Is Microsoft Even Listening about Windows 8?

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Re: it's only be out for 2 months
Start button is not coming back.

Windows 8 has only been out in the marketplace for 2 months.

By next May, we'll all have a much better idea of how well, or bad, the product is being received, by customers.

In any case, last week, on the subway train going to work, I saw a big Windows 8 advertisement in the stations the train passed through.

A big image of the Win 8 start screen. With its weather report app, and news app, and music app, Facebook app ... and I just asked myself the obvious question: will I ever see all that on my desk at work ?

What company is going to want me looking at weather and news reports while I am working in their office ? And music ??? And Facebook ???

It's so obviously an OS for consumers, Win 8.

What the next OS that Microsoft releases for business will look like, it's a question so far away in the future, it's crazy to think of what buttons it will or won't have.

On my desk, in a big bank, I'm still running XP. Probably in 2013 they will move me and my co-workers over to Windows 7. That's the plan, they are saying on the company intranet Web site. We're moving to Win 7. In terms of their planning, Win 8 doesn't even exist. Let alone the "Windows Blue" version talked about in that above link.

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