5N always focusing - does 5R also do this?

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Re: 5N always focusing - does 5R also do this?

zackiedawg wrote:

What Ed mentioned has to do with the focus mode you choose when pressing the shutter button: single, continuous, etc. However despite this focus mode setting, it is actually a fact that all NEX cameras do constantly adjust the focus even when not pressing any shutter button. This is a sort of 'prefocus' that these cameras use to attempt to speed up the initial AF times of the CDAF system by having the camera already achieving a wide focus of the area.

I would think the 5R and newer NEX cameras probably still do it, though someone with one can confirm. It will stop when the camera goes into 'sleep' mode, so many of us keep sleep mode on a short timer like 1 minute, so it doesn't draw as much battery.

I would love a menu option to turn off prefocus, but as yet it doesn't exist.

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Interesting information. I learned something here that I didn't know about these cameras. Thank you.

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