School Has 11 Armed Guards

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Re: School Has 11 Armed Guards

Henry Schobin wrote:

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Henry Schobin wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

aus4ever wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

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jivers wrote:

And why is this necessary do you think?

Do you not see the need to protect the children of a head of state?

Are their children more important than yours?

No, that's when he is no longer the President.
But he is the President. Do you think he can concentrate on his duties if someone harm his children? What would people of other countries say if America can't even protect the children of their President?

All children should be protected equally but, yes, I suppose the President's children are more "at risk" than most other children.

Just take a look at some of the hate Obama posts on this forum.

I'm looking and I didn't see any "hate Obama posts" on this forum.

You're not reading then.

No links, so you can't find any either?

I am just lazy but for you it is denial.

At least you aren't in denial about being are just wrong about me.

Anyone can see, I am absolutely right about you regarding hate Obama posts.

Well, sense I am part of the "anyone" and there are no "hate Obama posts" to be seen - that makes you absolutely wrong about me.

You are continuing your denial.

I think it is you that is continuing a denial.

Don't digress, we are still talking about your saying that there are no hate Obama posts on this forum.

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