1DX with ASPH sensor - Why Not

Started Dec 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Neil Schofield Contributing Member • Posts: 534
Re: 1DX with ASPH sensor - Why Not

RedFox88 wrote:

Why? The 1D X already has more pixels on the aps-h image sensor area than the 1D3 had (11.5 MP vs. 10 MP) So it's really the difference between 16 MP and 11.5. So why not just go find a 1D4 to buy?

Considered the 1DM4 when it came out, and whilst the MP was respectably higher, ISO performance and low light focusing, didn't appear too improved, and having seen the IQ I have to say I prefer the 1DM3

Reach is the main thing here, but autofocus, framerate, weathersealing, ISO, and battery performance are all important, and if nothing interseting is announced soon then I will probably upgrade to the 1DX in the next 2/3 months

The ASPH is unique to Canon and good compromise between IQ and reach, however it would be nice if the 7D replacement and a grip could fill the gap, with some of the 1DX features

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