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Re: SEL50F18 First Shots

Rich O wrote:

Thanks for your feedback.

Can the WB be adjusted post processing? Should I change the WB from auto to Incandescent?

For B&W, should I step up the EV value to +0.7?

Rich, white balance is much easier to adjust, post processing, if the picture has been taken in raw format. You can do some adjustment with a jpeg picture but it doesn't seem to work as well as processing from a raw picture.

The NEX cameras are like most cameras and don't always nail the proper white balance when its used in the Auto White Balance mode. Incandescent lights are sometimes a problem and will cause a heavy yellow cast on your pictures.

Yes, manually setting the white balance to "incandescent" will help a lot. Also setting a custom white balance on the 5n is very easy and works very well.

White balance is a subjective thing because some people prefer a very warm tone for their pictures but when the color cast starts to interfere with proper colors this isn't usually desirable.

The main reason to set a proper white balance is to get proper color. Every light source puts out a color cast and our eyes automatically adjust to prevent the color cast from interfering with our normal vision.

A camera has to do this electronically and usually has the most problems indoors under incandescent lights. Incandescent lights will put out a strong yellow cast (usually) that our eyes filter out but this cast will show up in a picture if the white balance isn't properly set.

Naturally, everyone is different and like I said, some people like the yellow cast but most photographers want realistic colors and skin tones.

I guess the most important thing is for the person taking the pictures to be happy with the results.

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