DSLR Noobe with a 7D, a bit worried !!!

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Re: Images with AF problems

GammyKnee wrote:

Well #1/#2 (the Lab) doesn't surprise me; you're using 19 point AF which means the camera is free to pick what it focuses on, and in general, it makes some very poor decisions. In this case it may have gone for the coat, but event then I can't be sure because the dog is moving forward in the shot. What AF mode where you in? Single shot might have focused on where the dog was, not where it had moved to by the time the shutter fired. Generally AI Servo would be best suited for a shot like this, and personally I'd be using either single point or single + expansion (the cross of points). As for AI Focus, well that's best avoided if you ask me!

The last shot is a mystery, but if you were focusing dead centre with only the central AF point active and didn't recompose, then yep it's not correctly focused. That still doesn't necessarily mean the camera is misbehaving though.

Try this: put the camera in one shot AF, single centre focus point active only, and go take some shots of static , well lit subjects. Don't focus and recompose, don't worry about composition, just shoot the things dead centre and see how things go. This is far from a controlled test, but my bet is that your camera is fine and having read the scare stories you just need to build up a bit of confidence and experience with it.

Will try the same and post results. But one thing I am very confused about is, when choosing single point AF (in the center) sometimes the whole picture is correctly in focus and sometimes a little above the center is out of focus and a little below in focus and vice versa, Why does that happen???

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