Fuji EF-X20 Poor Flash Contact with X10 Hotshoe

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Re: Fuji EF-X20 Poor Flash Contact with X10 Hotshoe

ci-lee wrote:

I know this is an old thread but I just got an EF-X20 for Christmas and noticed the exact same problem on my X-Pro1 and X10. Funny thing tho is the flash works perfectly fine when I use my Canon off-shoe cord w/full TTL functionality. Has anyone else gotten any response from Fujifilm about this issue? I suppose a work-around would be to get a generic Canon hotshoe adaptor/extender which would bring the flash up off the camera body but that seems like such a shame, aesthetically that is...

There were many similar posts reporting problems getting the flash to work with older models such as the S100fs and (IIRC) the S9600. The source of the problem seemed to be some coating on parts of the camera's hot shoe, and when it was scraped off with a blade, the flashes were then able to work properly. It's hard to believe that Fuji would still be producing hot shoes that don't make good contact, but it would be worth checking to see if you're having a similar problem with the X-cam hot shoes.

You may not like the aesthetics of using a hot shoe extender, but raising the flash would probably insure that your pictures of people and pets wouldn't be marred by red-eye/green-eye.

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