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Re: GIMP is highly usable

CAcreeks wrote:

abelits wrote:

No, GIMP doesn't have adjustment layers.

GIMP has layers of many types, but not adjustment. This is one of those misguided criticisms I was talking about earlier. Adjustment layers are fairly useless for these reasons:

  • Adjustment layers involve large PSD files clogging up disk.
  • It is far more efficient to track changes with non-destructive edits as in Bibble Pro Corel Aftershot or Adobe Lightroom.
  • GIMP has a very speedy multiple Undo facility.

Right, however I still prefer "keeps originals and all attempts of editing as inactive layers, so I can return to them later" technique. With Fujifilm X-Pro 1 I also started using conversion of the original RAW and original JPEG as two initial layers. Very often JPEG gives me better starting point for color and has noise cleaned up in non-critical areas, however TIFF converted from RAW has all the details I have preserved in the initial conversion, and has the right exposure even if JPEG is somewhat off.

Some color curves, selections/paths, transparency/mask, sharpening/denoise later, I end up with the final combination, however TIFF and JPEG I have started with, are unchanged, XCF file contains all the internal structure, and output JPEG is just the conversion of XCF (DNG? What DNG?). Not many photos require all that, but some do.

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