Is a separate anti virus program necessary for W8

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Oly Canikon
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Re: Is a separate anti virus program necessary for W8

Jim Cockfield wrote:

BitDefender rates very high in most tests.

My concern would be that I see a lot of complaints from users about very poor performance from it, with significant slowdown of PCs using the latest versions of it (even though previous versions were not too bad).

Personally, I'd probably look at a Comodo solution instead.

That's what I'm doing right this second with my Windows isntall.

Now, I keep BitDefender running under Linux; and I also scan my Windows partitions with it; as it's scanning engine is very good for recognizing malware that some of the other products may miss.

But, Comodo can be setup in an always deny config for software that isn't "white listed" by them yet so you get very good zero day protection (as none of them are going to recognize brand new malware). So, I've gone to using that solution with my Windows install, since I have not been happy with the direction Avira has been taking lately.

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What is your opinion of AVG?

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