Is shooting 24mp necessary?

Started Dec 26, 2012 | Questions thread
barringtonpro1 Forum Member • Posts: 62
Re: Is shooting 24mp necessary?

Yes, since you never know; as time goes by and you go over your raw files you may see something that may require deeper cropping or wall sized prints. In film days we always wanted finer grained films for better blow-ups and cropping.

Look at Hollywood, when they re-master their movies they draw from a very high information film stock, where they can re-save at H.D. Photography, unlike oil painting, the quality is in the fine detail. This being said I'm waiting for the 50meg files. That will satisfiy me. After that I would hope for still better dynamic range.

As for computer power, that gets better all the time. Even 50meg files will be small for a CPU down the road.

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