If Sigma had a mirrorless camera (CSC) ... pros/cons

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DMillier wrote:

Highly portable landscape camera with near medium format quality?

I have a Sony NEX 5n. Rangefinder lenses (I have Contax G lenses and a russian RF lens) are very small. A tillt adaptor (low cost) can be used with conventional 35mm full frame primes to achieve near infinite depth of field. A full primes based outfit can be fitted into a bag the size of a pack of sandwiches. No problem lugging the tripod when the rest of the outfit is so compact and light.

Add in a Foveon sensor....


The big advantage of a mirrorless camera with a live view screen is that it can be used with almost any lens ever made for SLRs or rangefinder cameras. And with bellows, extension tubes, and focussing adapters for macro work.

A Sony 5N with a Foveon sensor would be ideal, except for available-light shots. (And even then, a Foveon at ISO 400 is better than Tri-X.)

One would hope that Sigma would license the E mount from Sony. They already make some E mount lenses.

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