Used Olympus DSLR or Refurb Olympus DSLR and shutter counts

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Re: Used Olympus DSLR or Refurb Olympus DSLR and shutter counts

There is an old saying in the automotive business. "People buy new cars, but they drive used ones". The same applies to buying and using cameras.

The analysis of Used vs Refurb (basically a new camera with 90 day warranty) should be based on what kind of price you can find for a nice used model in comparison to that of the refurb unit.

The Olympus refurb camera warranty can be extended by two years for about $60. If a warranty is important to you, this might be an important reason to go refurb.

On the other hand, I have purchased many used cameras at a significant discount, realizing that I am getting a better price and that in the event of a failure, I will be responsible for the repair cost myself.

I have owned perhaps ten Olympus DSLR models over the years. I bought some new, some refurb and some used. I have had one warranty repair. Have never had a shutter failure although none of mine have had over 50K shutter releases.

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