60D - Still a good purchase?

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Re: 60D - Still a good purchase?

totleytom wrote:

I bought one in September this year (2012) and i haven't got any regrets. As others have said, the 60D is no worse now than it was when it was released, but it is a lot cheaper than it was then.

I upgraded from a 500D. I was looking for a number of things, including that little bit more resolution, better higher-ISO performance, certain specific things such as being able to limit the maximum ISO in autoISO, and the 'flash commander' mode. I didn't think the ergonomics aspect would be that important to me. In the event it's the ergonomics + the (much) better AF performance compared with the 500D that have pleased me most. I haven't used the flash commander mode at all. The higher ISO performance is real, tho' perhaps not as great as I was expecting. One other surprise was the number of occasions that I found the tilting screen useful...

You can get most of what's in a 60D in a 650D, of course, plus the touch screen facility, but you do have to give up the ergonomics. But for me the big advantage of the 60D over a more expensive body is that I've also been able to afford some new lenses: a 15-85 and above all, a 70-200 F4 IS. Amazing lens that would have been beyond my means if I'd bought a 7D, let alone a 5DII.

Yes 60D is a great camera and most Rebel upgraders will find it's features are advanced enough to cover what they need.

High ISO performance of the 60D is same as 7D. Most people have no problem with 7D's ISO3200. I have no problem with 6400 as long as I don't enlarge it to pixel level.

With newer technology implemented to the T4i (650), T4i is a very attractive package. It is a fun camera and the image quality is very very close, if not the same, to 60D and 7D. It also has all cross AF points and honestly I was pretty impressed by the new Rebel. I owned the T4i for a week. I hoped I would like it. Unfortunately I don't like to ergonomic and I wanted the back wheel although the control layout of the Rebel seems reasonable. The worst of the REbel is the viewfinder. It's so dim and dark comparing to the big brothers. THis is what I cannot get used to and that is a significant reason to make me return the camera. Also battery capacity of the Rebel is noticeably lower than the XXD.

So if I were you, I would get the 60D. I know the promotion is on and you can get the camera kit like $400 cheaper than couple months ago (I am in US, I assume similar promotion goes on in UK/Europe?). This is a great deal. But of course only you can make the decision.


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