"When should photographers drop their cameras?"

Started Dec 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: "When should photographers drop their cameras?"

The answer is, there are no answers. Money is the impetus for the media. Can't stop that. Criticize until you are blue in the face but you won't change anything unless you provide the money that whatever media source would make by publicizing the shot or event. That's not going to happen.

People react in strange ways. For as many people there are on the planet, there are probably just as many different ways to react. We all think we know the proper reaction for a given situation, but until we are actually in that situation we truly don't know.

Some people just freeze. Some people over react. Some people would instinctively just reach out and grab. Others will think, "Someone else will help." Myriad ways to look at this.

I couldn't tell you how I would react. I do know that as a photographer albeit an amateur, I find it very difficult to any image that might depict someone's loss or tragedy or misfortune. Something as simple as a vagrant sitting on the sidewalk begging, I cannot photograph. And I love street photography.

There is not a lot of blame or fault that can be laid in any one particular place. Unfortunately this is life. And, we created the media. We support it. We are in a sense asking for all of this publicity.

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