D600 back from Nikon cleaning, has spots, anyone else?

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Re: D600 back from Nikon cleaning, has spots, anyone else?

I do agree that sending in the camera is not the best option here unless you are absolutely not willing to do the cleaning but here is one side of it....nikon should be inconvenienced with cleaning d600 aftet d600 since they should have never allowed these units to leave the factory without checking how much lubrication was being applied to the moving parts or if a motor is failing in the mirror assembly and releasing the lubrication onto the sensor which was the case of the d7000. I am now at 8515 shutter count and 7,000 of that is from me trying to get rid of the oil before my wedding season starts. I dont have the luxury to just use my shutter count to take photos of fun things till that time. I need to shoot in burst mode, clean, test and re-shoot till it is mostly all gone. No matter what that shutter count ends up at. I simply cant risk having any important shots messed up or to retouch hundreds of photos from a wedding. The problem is that oil is not consistant so it will appear okay and 50 shots in you have more. If it was dust only, a few blows on the sensor and I would be okay but oil cant be taken care of in the middle of a wedding. If this was a hobby for me or for fun I would just use the camera and send it in after about 6,000 shutter count and let them clean it but I dont have that luxury.

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