New Pentax K5 Owner - Lens recommendations and QC advice

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Re: New Pentax K5 Owner - Lens recommendations and QC advice

For the standard zoom, I went with the Pentax 16-50 f/2.8.    However, if I had not wanted the WR, I would have bought the Tamron 17-50.   Just be aware that there is a big difference between 16 and 17.  16 has the FOV of a 24mm lens in FF.  17 is closer to a 28mm lens.

The Pentax 50-135 f/2.8 is my best zoom in terms of IQ.  But it is very slow to focus.  You have to hold the camera on target while it is focusing.   If you don't hold it steady, you may have focus issues it tries to focus at different things.    The Pentax 60-250 f/4 is another option.  On my camera it does not have quite the IQ of the 50-135, but it is still a good lens and it focus a little faster.  But it is much bigger than the 50-135.   Tamron and Sigma make 70-200 f/2.8 lenses, but I have not used either.

The Pentax 55mm f/1.4 was designed to be a portrait lens.  It takes nice 3/4 body shots.  Other people like the Sigma 50 f/1.4 as a short portrait lens.   My favorite portrait lens is the Pentax 77mm f/1.8.  The 70mm f/2.4 is also a nice lens.  However, if you are going to purchase the 50-135, I would try it first as a portrait lens.  It may be sharper than you are looking for in a portrait lens, but you can always soften it in post if needed.

As far as QC goes, any manufacture can ship a lemon.  So make sure you buy from a retailer with a good return/exchange policy.  I buy and test.  But I have never had to ship a lens back.  Before buying be sure to check out the old threads about SDM lenses.  I have never had a problem with a lens, but if you are concerned, then you can buy an extended warranty.

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