A breather and Perspective ( A bit OT )

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Re: A breather and Perspective ( A bit OT ) Continued.

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I was looking in the window of a camera shop and they had a D5100 , 2 lens kit , grip going for about $800 (For SA prices this is a fire sale considering VAT and duty and the 5 year warranty) My wife who is aware of the Olympus DSLR situation said to me " If you want to start a new system here is the opportunity to start small , buy it if you want to. " Hell I had to think long and hard on this. And then I reminded myself of what I have .

It was not the camera per say but the uncertainty system as a whole and of the long frustrating path. I also played around with the OMD again and it confirmed my decision not to buy. I also had a good look at the kit lenses specifically the 40-150 kit lens . Well it confirmed my dislike of tacky silver lenses. This a cheap , really junky looking lens and was shocked at the poor build quality . Even the 17.5 - 45 is better built than this.

Hell the nikon kit lens where better built and the canon about equal if not slightly better. But I suppose I must get with the program as this is the new Olympus. One thing I don't have a problem with though is having to buy a lens hood for that lens as I would never buy such cheap looking lens in the first place .

I have given myself until summer next year ( November/December ) but I think until then I might put a moratorium purchasing any system specific equipment. Until then I will be boring you lot with my ramblings.

Not Boring !! In fact we, and probably others on this forum, are at exactly the same place with the same thoughts. I too looked long and hard at the Nikon 5100 deals this fall …. and have skipped them because they are Nikon – a system I've never really taken a liking to and one which Thom Hogan in a recent blog said they need to improve their quality control and customer service (two major factors I look for in buying cameras) … I haven't invest too much in Olympus yet except time so this generation of sensors(Sony 16MP) /processors that would allow me to work longer into the day and spend less time with NeatImage are calling. The next generation in the D800 are already here to be seen.... But like you I'm going to wait until next summer and see what comes, while I continue to invest time in the E-30....

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