DQed from Nature in a man made world.

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Re: DQed from Nature in a man made world.

Mike Ronesia wrote:

I've been DQ'ed twice. Once for missing a rule (forgetting to resize) and another time for my content not meeting the theme. I did question the host on the last one, but only for clarification so I understood what I missed.

Recently someone commented on an entry of mine, saying that it did not fit the definition of the challenge. I wasn't 100% sure it did either so I just pulled it. No big deal. I think people need to do these for fun and learning and not worry too much. When they start the cash prizes then I'll understand taking it more seriously.

Bottom line is if you have a really good shot then just wait, a proper challenge will come along that you can shine in.

This shot of the rabbit is a tough call and I can understand both letting it go and DQ'ing it. As long as the host decides on a direction and is consistent with all the entries that is all that matters. I think Ruth and CF are both good hosts and photographers but they have different styles and in this instance it caused a little conflict. No worries, there is always tomorrow, at least there is now that 12-21-12 is behind us.

Mike, I have been DQ a few times and nver complained except once because of rudeness, arrogance and unfairness of the host!

But I guess being DQ is ok and I wish Hosts would do that more often when the entry doesn't meet the rules and the theme.

What I think is much worst is sandbagging! I really hate when I see all those negative votes for some superb shots that are also meeting the theme. I really hope DPR would improve this system.... But when I see cheaters becoming hosts; I lose every hope!... I seriously doubt if people of DPR are aware of our concerns!...

Happy New Year,

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