Amazon sold a returned RX1 as new.

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Re: Amazon sold a returned RX1 as new - not surprised.

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As what has been said before, Americans believes they can return a perfectly good camera because they change their mind, or as some have stated here over the years.......they can't decide which camera to get so they order both, use them for a week or so and return the one they don't like.

After all of the above you really expect in America to get a new camera.....good luck.

Yes I do and I will continue to do so. I don't live anywhere close to some place I can physically touch or try cameras like the RX1. I don't have a physical camera store within 2 hrs of me (unless you count Wal-mart and Bestbuy). If I'm going to plunk down 3k and then not be happy with it, it's going back and I expect companies like amazon, bhphoto, etc to expect returns. Read their return policies, they are ok with it or they would change the policy and lose all sorts of business.

Now selling an obviously used camera as new is not good practice. They can knock 5-15% off for used cameras and still make a good margin.

There is a Federal law in the U.S. to prevent the re-selling of returned merchandise as 'new" stock. There is a good reason why "open box" metchandise is offered at a discount.

Sadly, some dealers don't follow the law.

Please count the number of returns only on this forum. Nothing was wrong with 95% of the returned ones. This return policy is great, but we expect the store to take a big hit on margins only for us to test the cameras ? This doesn't feel normal to me. I would perfectly fine with any of the cameras you received, so what if somebody shot a few photos with it ? I think it's a psychological thing more than anything else.

If you like how this policy allows us to return everything for no reason at all, then don't be so anal when you buy a camera. My RX100 package was also opened, but didn't give a rats ass. I have 2 years warranty from a reputable store here and I don't care if somebody else took a few test shots with it.

I agree here, I've found that it's a trade off, if you want a 'new' new camera every / any time you either have to buy from a store with a crap return policy i.e. a 15% restocking fee even if all you ever did was take it out and turn it on for 5 minutes or to preorder. You pay your money and take your chances, if the 'untouched by human hands' factor is all important you buy from a store that will deduct close to $440 from your return because you didn't like a camera and saddled them with a piece of merchandise they will now sell open box, or you buy from a store with a full money back guarantee and take the chance that someone else cracked the seal and stole the moment of unboxing for the very first time.

There are very few places anymore, especially online, where you can have your cake and eat it too, and the stores that are the other way, which sell returned as new AND extract a restocking fee from the returnee are easy to find out about.

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