Canon g15 vs g9

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Re: Canon g15 vs g9

I have a G9, as well as G11. My G9 has been used much less since I got the G11, but it still has taken about 16,000 photos. I'm not has happy to use it as I am the G11, due to the swivel LCD on the G11. The G11 also takes better images at higher ISOs. At base ISO, both are great. The G15 looks like it beats both at higher ISOs, as well as having a faster lens. Those alone would attract me to the G15, if I already did not have a Samsung NX100 and two fairly fast prime lenses (16mm/f2.4, 30mm/f2.0).

If you want to see some good comparisons between the G9 and G15, then checkout these two websites;,383  (not a perfect comparison, but a good start)


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