7D packaged deal - Too good to be true?

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Re: 7D packaged deal - Too good to be true?

DeniseNY wrote:

So it looks like I am going to go for the 7D and now I am shopping.

Which lenses did you use on your 10D up to now?

The package includes 2 Canon lenses, 18-55mm IS and 55-250mm IS. Along with that come 2 Bower lenses,

Decent, inexpensive kit lenses. If you look for something light weight they are quite ok.

58mm and 58mm 2x telephoto,


a number of filters,

Highly detrimental to the image quality (going by the price and experience of such shop kits.

2 tripods,

Unusable (one is a video tripod for cameras up to 500 grams in weight, the other is a mini tripod capable of carrying a small compact P&S type of camera) and more often than not responsible for damage to the camera (by giving you a false sense of security and then duly failing when least expected).

a backpack,

Most often a cheap one which is highly uncomfortable to carry.

external flash (Vivitar),


16 GB memory,

I'd only use brand memory cards from brands such as Sandisk, Delkin or Transcend (and the latter I am currently rethinking as two of those are in the process of failing on me - having slowed down by a factor of 10 in recent weeks. Since they didn't fail outright their warranty is useless to me as well).

cleaning kit


and some more goodies.

What they listed beyond the items you already named individually is the normal contents of the camera box - unless they swapped out the battery and charger against cheap off brand knock offs, for a later bait and switch sales pitch in which they overcharge you to swap back the battery and charger for the original one...

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