Adobe alternatives?

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I work for a company that..

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Archer66 wrote:

I do not work for Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Symantec, Sun, Oracle, Google, SAP or any other big software company.

Nor do own any shares.

I don't know how others feel about it. But, I really don't like it when someone posts under a member name that hides their identity and uses their posts to promote and defend products, without identifying if they have a financial interest in the companies they're promoting.

Develops the coolest viruses on the internet. If you ever lost a system to a virus, probably because of us.. Just kidding, but really I think this bickering about who works for where doesn't do much. Even if the guy worked for Microsoft, it really doesn't matter.

There are very good reasons to hide your identity on the internet. People can just look you, your family up, get a picture of you house and know all sorts of personal details. Some internet hot head, if you make them angry enough could come looking for you so better to be anonymous IMHO.

As far as a financial interest. Of people like this work with the products at the company they work for and give you good information, have good working knowledge, much more that some of the guys on this site that are self proclaimed gods of the PC forum. So it does not matter again. I don't consider it spam unless they come on here and tell us the product is the best for less without informing us how it is better than other products or have some meat that lets us differentiate. Even better if they have inside info.

Oh and by the way.. I think you could have come up with a better name for your web personality. Your last name sounds like a minefield except with... well we won't go there.

Richard is by the way, my real name among many in the U.S.

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